Alexa Chung returns for second season of ‘Future of Fashion’ documentary


In the second season of Alexa Chung‘s Future Fashion series, the Vogue contributing editor explores the fashion business of New York.

With the desire to tell the truth about fashion as she finds it, the British style icon who’s adopted home has been New York since 2009, takes viewers behind the scenes of the fashion scene in the east coast metropolis. Due to the energetic lifestyle in the metropolis in which almost everyone was a workaholic, Chung considers the city as a particularly good example of how to run and manage a fashion company.

In the first new episode of the documentary series, Chung peaks with the staff of Opening Ceremony, Veda and Altuzarra and visits the office of many prestigious fashion labels. With her trademark humor, intelligence and wit, she introduces young people to exactly what being in fashion means today and what opportunities there are for everyone.

New episodes of ‘The Future of Fashion’ appear every Tuesday on the YouTube channel of British Vogue.

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