The Fall/Winter 2017 Issue of loveFMD Magazine is out now!

Rosie Tupper loveFMD Fall Winter 2017
Collector’s Edition Cover #1 in Silver Foil, featuring Rosie Tupper @IMG Models, photographed by Christian Blanchard

Welcome to the ‘Getaway Issue’. Our Fall/Winter 2017 edition is packed with a fantastic array of stories, editorials and interviews that you won’t find anywhere else in the world of fashion.

Good things come in threes they say, but this season they come in fours. Which is why in addition to the digital newsstand cover we’re releasing three special collector’s edition covers as well (in 24k Gold and silver foil). Our 7th and best so far, the covers feature four equally stunning models – former Victoria’s Secret model Katsia Domankova, Australian Rosy Tupper, Brazil’s very own Nadine Ponce and German new face Cosima Fritz. Together, their unmistakable presence stands to inspire, and the four exquisite covers are a keepsake. (see the rest of the covers and their details at the bottom)

For our features this season, in our ‘Portraits’ section we introduce you to the extraordinary talent of Peyman Amin, owner of successful German fashion modeling agency PARS Management in ‘Love Meets Fashion’, (page no 24); Swiss accessories brand De Marquet’s Rafaella Iten Metzler, lets us in on the challenges of success and the company’s future in ‘Carrousel of Class’ (page no 20). For those who love to travel, there’s plenty of inspiration to discover in our ‘Travel and Lifestyle’ section, where we give you an unbiased and inside look at The Hotel Schweizerhof Bern and the SPA (page no 44) and Hotel Cortiina in Munich (page no 88).

Elsewhere in the issue, we take you through a tour of Fall/Winter inspiration, trends, and style in our Fashion spreads. ‘Surface to Air’ by Anastasia Furova (page no 60) and ‘The Botanic Verses’ by Aleksandar Koncar show you the juxtaposition of fashion and the seasons. We also have a beautiful editorial of one of our cover models Rosie Tupper in ‘Winter Brightside'(page 48), lensed by Australian photographer Christian Blanchard. If you’re not familiar with Blanchard’s work, we suggest you start googling immediately. Last but not least, we also introduce German new face Cosima Fritz from Iconic Management Berlin, who illustrates the essence of fall/winter in ‘The New Now’ (page no).

Finally, alongside all the great content above, we also reveal the first ‘Global Fashion City’ list that ranks the 20 most important cities influencing the world of fashion right now (page no 6). The article is a brilliant and inspiring read based on a research study by the IFDAQ (, which examines how the character of each city, constructed by its culture and people, has had the strongest influence on fashion today.

‘One of the greatest things about fashion is the power to transform, and I can’t think of a better way to get ready for fall than with our magazine, which is also our seventh issue,’ says Iva Mirbach, Editor-in-Chief. ‘All of us at loveFMD feel so privileged to be a part of a legacy that enhances a woman’s personal style, and we are committed to setting the standard for what comes next. I hope this issue will make you enjoy fall as much as we have putting it together.’

Katsia Domankova loveFMD Fall Winter 2017
Collector’s Edition Cover #2 in Gold Foil, featuring Katsia Domankova @Nagorny Models, photographed by Anastasia Furova

Cosima Fritz loveFMD Fall Winter 2017
Digital Newsstand Cover, featuring Cosima Fritz @Iconic Model Management Berlin, photographed by Christina Kapl

Nadine Ponce loveFMD Fall Winter 2017
Collector’s Edition Cover #3 in Gold Foil, featuring Nadine Ponce @Visage International Management Zurich, photographed by Roger Reist

The digital edition of loveFMD issue 7 is available now on as a free download. Alternatively, if you’d like, you can also order the print edition of the digital newsstand cover or the collector’s covers as well. Happy Reading!!