You can now have a Louis Vuitton bag in just one week


After appointing Virgil Abloh as the new artistic director of its menswear collection, Louis Vuitton has opened two new factories in France dedicated to the production of leather goods.

The French luxury house plans to hire 500 staff for the two factories so as to reduce production time from two weeks to one. The first will open in July 2018 in La Merlatiere, the second will open in Beaulieu-sur-Layon, in early 2019. It is also likely that a third location will open in 2020.

The expansion would speed up manufacturing, which will allow stores to be restocked more efficiently. At present Europe is supplied with bags from its factories in Catalonia, Portugal and Romania. By 2019 Louis Vuitton will have 16 French leather goods workshops and 4000 leather specialists employed. In addition to factories in France, Louis Vuitton also has two locations in California, and one is planned for Texas.

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