Asos launches sustainable fashion training programme

Asos Training Program

Online retailer Asos has announced the start of a fashion training programme for its design team in the field of sustainability.

The pilot course which is in collaboration with London College of Fashion’s Center for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) is part of the commitment that Asos made in the area of ​sustainability during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit last year. Students will receive lessons in sustainable design techniques and ways to recycle.

Fifteen Asos designers will attend various workshops, discussion sessions with researchers and experts from the CSF team.

‘With this pilot we’re making sure our designers have the knowledge and skills they need to put sustainability and circularity into practice,’ said Vanessa Space, design director at Asos. ‘It’s a vital step on our journey to designing products with circularity in mind right from the start, which will ensure that they are made responsibly, remain in use for as long as possible once they’re sold, and don’t cause unnecessary waste at the end of their lives.’

The announcement comes weeks after Asos pledged to no longer use fabrics such as cashmere, silk, down and feathers by the end of January 2019.

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