Claudia Schiffer to curate 90s Fashion Photography Exhibition


German Supermodel Claudia Schiffer who left an indelible print during her reign in the 1990s is curating an exhibition.

The fashion icon and fashion legend who celebrates her 50th birthday today will take on the role of curator for the Dusseldorf Kunstpalast. She will design and supervise the exhibition (her first) and will bring together legendary fashion photographers, designers, and her famous model colleagues, whose energy and visions together shaped the decade.

Titled ‘Fashion Photography of the 90s’ the exhibition will take visitors on a personal journey through time to the fashion world of the 90s. A total, of 120 exhibits will draw upon different aspects, people, and places that were pivotal to the fashion industry and cultural landscape during that period.

The exhibition isn’t primarily about her own life, but about the famous photographers, designers, and colleagues with whom she worked with during her 30-year career. It will include iconic fashion photography from legends Juergen Teller, Karl Lagerfeld, Herb Ritts, Corinne Day, Arthur Elgort, and Ellen von Unwerth. Through a variety of billboards, framed prints, magazine pages, and Polaroids the dynamics of the time will be brought back to life and will offer visitors a glimpse behind the scenes of legendary fashion shows and fashion parties.

With the show, Schiffer also returns to the origins of her career. Because it was in 1987 she was discovered by a model agent in the Dusseldorf club Checkers. At that time she was still dreaming of studying law. A plan that literally changed overnight.

‘The 80s was when I fell in love with fashion, but the 90s was when I learnt what fashion really was. It was an intense and amazing time that had not been seen before, when shoots lasted for days and fashion was front-page news for weeks. Myself, and the other supermodels lived and breathed it and for the first time we realized together, we had the power to make change. I am thrilled to realize this exhibition with the Kunstpalast, in which I will share my personal journey and present works by the great artists of the fashion world. The other supermodels and she breathed the atmosphere of that time: We lived for them and for the first time we realized that we had the strength to change something,’ Schiffer said in a statement.

‘I am delighted that we have been able to get Claudia Schiffer to curate an exhibition about the fashion world of the 90s. With this show, Germany’s most successful model whose career began in Dusseldorf will reflect in a very personal way an era that set standards to this day,’ Felix Kramer, General Director of the Kunstpalast, said in a press release.

The Fashion Photography From the 1990s exhibition curated by Claudia Schiffer will be on view from March 4th to June 13th, 2021.

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