Zalando launches second-hand platform


Making its move toward pre-owned fashion Zalando has launched a new ‘Pre-Owned’ category in its Fashion Stores.

The leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle has rolled out the new service that offers a digital space for pre-owned items all with the look, feel and convenience of Zalando. Available in the women’s, men’s and kids’ segments, the Pre-Owned’ category caters to both customers who want to shop pre-owned articles and those who wish to give their items a new life by selling. Customers get access to unmatched Zalando convenience such as fast shipping, 100 days returns, and multiple payment options.

Unlike other platforms where customers trade among themselves, at Zalando they can sell their old clothing to the platform itself. Customers are asked to take a photo of their garments and provide information about brands, sizes and categories. Based on this information, the company comes up with a price proposal. If the customer accepts the amount, they can choose to either receive Zalando credit in the form of a gift voucher that they can use on the website again or have the money donated to charity partners such as the Red Cross or WeForest. All pieces that are accepted undergo a rigorous selection category so that only clothes as good as new will be placed on the site.

The platform aims to become the starting Point for Fashion for customers as well as the company’s sustainability goals. By applying the principles of circularity to its business, by using more sustainable materials and keeping items in use for longer, Zalando paves the way for like-new fashion items to find another life with another customer. In addition, all Pre-owned orders are shipped using plastic-free packaging and recycled materials that tie in with the company’s 2023 goal of extending the life of 50 million items, and eliminating single-use plastic.

‘The interest in pre-owned fashion is great and growing, especially with millennials. We know that our customers like to make room in their closets by giving their items a second life and exchanging them for something new. And yet, customers miss an easy and reliable solution that combines everything: effortless exchange of items they no longer want to wear and a pleasant experience when shopping ‘pre-owned’ fashion online. Zalando is the first fashion platform that answers these customer needs on a large scale,’ said Jacintha De Graaf, Head of Zalando Benelux.

According to Torben Hansen, Zalando’s VP of Recommerce, if Pre-owned proves successful in the launch markets, then the ecommerce giant will expand into other countries where it operates in.

Zalando’s ‘Pre-Owned’ platform is available to customers in Germany, Spain, Poland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

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