Philippe Anders Milano: Tradition with a Modern Twist

Philippe Anders Milano

To combine the Italian traditions of the 20th century and modern technologies – this is exactly the idea that captured the founder of the Philippe Anders Milano brand, CEO Andrey Anders. The history of the brand is directly related to the outstanding personality of a talented entrepreneur and his dream to create shoes in which “the hand of the master is visible and his soul is felt.” Thanks to the efforts of Andrey, the brand is widely known in youth circles for its combination of high quality and medium price range.

Quality comes first
The main priority of the Philippe Anders Milano brand is uncompromising quality. To achieve a high level, the brand’s specialists carefully select materials for the production of shoes. In the manufacture of products, preference is given to Italian leather, in particular, dressed in Tuscany. Design research is also being carried out in order to develop the most convenient and beautiful form, the brand has been cooperating with design schools in Milan for many years.

Manual Production and new Technologies
The combination of new and old is the basis of the brand philosophy. For the manufacture of shoes, for example, in factories in Italy and Portugal, methods are used to create a wear-resistant seam, a durable last. Coating the leather parts of the shoes with paint and creating the patina effect is carried out by hand. The use of the latest technology is the other side of the Philippe Anders Milano brand. With its help, the price range is reduced to the average, which makes the products affordable for the buyer.

Care for Nature
Sustainability is an important aspect of brand activity. No toxic substances or materials are used in the production process. Philippe Anders Milano shoes are absolutely safe for human health and the planet.

Individual Approach
In 2021, Philippe Anders Milano proposed the use of innovative technologies for the most accurate fit of shoes to the foot of the buyer. With the help of a 3-D printer, a sole is created that will ideally fit the customer’s foot. In this case, the process lasts no longer than 20-30 minutes. Shoes have a modular design, due to which it is possible to optimally adapt them to the needs of a particular person. Orthopedic insoles make Philippe Anders Milano products as comfortable and safe as possible.

A Talented Leader
The brand is managed by CEO Andrey Anders, a man who both respects the past and looks to the future for inspiration. Passion for his work allowed Andrey to create a respected and well-known brand from a small enterprise that sells products in different countries. The first success awaited the brand at New York Fashion Week: several multi-brand stores became interested in a promising company and offered cooperation.

Thanks to the efforts of Andrey Anders, Philippe Anders Milano has succeeded in establishing itself in the US market, which is considered a difficult test for young brands due to intense competition. The CEO of the company proved to be an innovator and a competent strategist in brand promotion. He regularly launches campaigns with local celebrities to promote Philippe Anders Milano and increase brand awareness. As a result, a large assortment of shoes is presented in the best multi-brand boutiques in the United States.

The young brand has received a large number of awards in the European market. But the main achievement of Andrey Anders is the recognition of Philippe Anders Milano among young customers who value the brand for quality, comfort and the use of modern solutions.

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