Inditex’s Zara launches its Pre-Owned platform in France

Zara Pre Owned

Inditex owned High street retailer Zara has launched its Pre-Owned platform in France.

The service, which was first introduced in the United Kingdom last October is available now through Zara’s stores, its website and a mobile app. The move is a key step in the Inditex Group’s sustainable development strategy and represents one of the priorities in its commitment to a more responsible consumption model and circular economy.

French customers can buy/sell, repair or donate second-hand clothes of the Zara brand for the purposes of promoting circularity and extending their useful life. The company has said that in line with its 360-degree circularity and sustainability strategy 40 percent of clothing pieces will be made with recycled fibres by 2030. It also seeks to reduce its carbon emissions by 50percent by 2030 and by 90percent by 2040.

‘One of the challenges for the textile industry is extending the useful life of garments. With this in mind, we have created pre-owned, a platform to help you extend the life of your Zara clothing. As Part of our journey towards a more sustainable model, this initiative allows you to repair, resell or donate your used garments. This is another action taken as a Part of our commitment to moving towards circularity that encompasses all phases of our activity – from product design to logistics and stores,’ the brand says on its website.

Zara’s foray into the thriving second-hand apparel market is somewhat late as its main competitor H&M and its sister brand Cos have already launched resale platforms. Other brands such as Burberry, Ganni and Gucci have also entered the game. Inditex Chief executive Oscar Garcia Maceiras has said that the service will also be launched in Germany this year.