Piaget celebrates its 150th anniversary with a virtuoso High Jewelry collection

Rosamund Pike Piaget Essence of Extraleganza

Swiss luxury watchmaker and jeweler Piaget is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a virtuoso High Jewelry collection.

Titled the ‘Essence of Extraleganza’, the collection comprises of 100 bold, historical captivating pieces reinterpreted with contemporary flair. For this special occasion Piaget rekindles its creative golden years of the 1960s and 1970s by expanding on 2023’s revival of its most iconic High Jewelry Watches signatures: the ground-breaking and hypnotic cuff watches and Swinging Sautoir first introduced in 1969, and the audaciously precious Aura watch, launched in 1989.

The collection is divided across 3 emblematic categories or chapters: ‘Extraleganza’, ‘Piaget Society’, and ‘When mastery ignites artistry’. Each piece highlights the extravagance and elegance of a unique style by masterful use of gold and color magnified by the excellence of perfectly accomplished savoir-faire.

Extraleganza – A fusion of “extravagance” and “elegance,” the first chapter unveils the imaginative spirit and cutting-edge preference of the jeweler. Among the many opulent models, Piaget’s 1969 awe-inspiring Swinging Sautoir, serves as a perfect embodiment that best describes the collection.

Piaget Society – The second chapter celebrates Piaget’s audacity and distinctive approach to jewelry with vibrantly colored pieces.

When mastery sparks artistry – In this section, Piaget’s expertise in craftsmanship intertwines with it’s historical affinity for haute couture, precious textures merge with gold, bestowing upon it an entirely new fluidity.

‘In 2022, when we began to design the 150 year anniversary collection it wasn’t about identically reproducing heritage pieces, but rather taking inspiration from them. Revisiting those values of boldness, originality and elegance that characterize this Maison’s soul at the dawn of modernity,’ Piaget jewelry and watch artistic director Stephanie Sivriere said in a press release.

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