Chaumet unveils new High Jewelry collection Chaumet en Scene

Chaumet en Scene

LVMH owned French luxury Jeweler Chaumet has unveiled its new High Jewelry collection, Chaumet en Scene.

A celebration of artistic disciplines, it unfolds in three eloquent chapters: Music, Dance and Magic. Embodying the art of movement so dear to the Maison, each set becomes a unique number in which the High Jewelry pieces highlight their exceptional stones.

For the first chapter that celebrates music, three sets of jewelry- necklaces, earrings and rings featuring emeralds, sapphires and diamonds Complex and delicate, the trio take center stage and recount an extraordinary melody.

The second chapter is inspired by Dance and features creations that evoke the graceful movement of dancers. Ceylon sapphires perform a contemporary ballet while the diamonds, tourmalines and rubellites engage in a frenzied tango, and the violet sapphires swing alongside their gold and material work.

Lastly, the third chapter in the collection is dedicated to Magic and highlights some bewitching pieces. Like a magician captivating his audience, diamonds are transformed into a glittering dance while Mozambique rubies dazzle, altogether creating the illusion of a mirror-like effect.

The pieces in the collection showcase Chaumet’s virtuosity and translate the Maison’s renowned art of movement. One after the other, the three chapters of Music, Dance and Magic create breathless suspense and offer a spectacular performance by transforming the wearer into their own director, that attracts full attention and captivates the audience.

Chaumet en Scene High Jewelry collection will be available from July 2024 in Europe and from the beginning of Autumn for the rest of the world.

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