Paolo Roversi will photograph the Pirelli 2020 calendar

Paolo Roversi

Following Scottish photographer, Albert Watson’s sensual images (of Gigi Hadid and Laetitia Casta among others) last year, Italian photographer Paolo Roversi will shoot the Pirelli 2020 calendar.

Known for his intense sepia images, the self-taught photographer has lensed campaigns for brands such as Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and Vera Wang, in addition to casting big names like Rihanna, Bjork, and Kate Moss. Born in Italy in 1947 he began his career as a press and portrait photographer. In 1973 he moved to Paris and developed an interest in fashion. A year later, he worked as an assistant to British photographer Laurence Sackmann, (who was known for his nude photographs) for a period of nine months and thereafter began publishing his own work.

At the moment not much is known as to who the models will be and when the Pirelli 2020 calendar will release. However, it is believed that the shootings will take place shortly in Verona, the city where the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet is set and is also believed to be the theme of the calendar.

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