Scents and Sensibility- All About Fragrance 101

Scents and Sensibility

The world’s finest fragrances are out there for you and others to delight in, but wouldn’t you rather have the best at prices that make sense for your budget? LaBelle Perfumes is your go-to for the perfumes and colognes that complete your presentation for any occasion. Whether you’re a socialite out on the town or enjoying a private date with the one you love, you deserve to have a scent to present and represent your best self in every moment. Find a scent that’s luxurious and elegant, such as a Carolina Herrera perfume or cologne that’s right for you.

Knowing What You’re Wearing
When it comes to scent, it’s important to understand what you’re buying and wearing. You’ve probably seen products labeled ‘eau de toilette’ or ‘eau de parfum,’ but what does it all mean? These are different levels of concentration of perfume oil. Let’s take a closer look…

Parfum – Sometimes referred to as ‘extrait,’ products with aromatic compound concentrations of 20 percent are often branded as parfum, perfume, pure perfume, or perfume extract.


Eau de Parfum- Products marked as ‘Eau de Parfum’ or EDP have a concentration of around 15 percent. Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl Legere EDP for Women is a floral treat for your senses.


Eau de Toilette- Fragrances with around 10 percent of aromatic compound concentration are Eau de toilettes. This also includes several products branded as cologne.


Eau de Cologne- Strictly speaking, eau de colognes have a concentration level of 5 percent. The word ‘cologne’ is often used for masculine scents, though the actual product may be an eau de toilette.


Eau Fraiche- Products sold as ‘mists’ or ‘splashes’ are often eau fraiches, having aromatic compounds concentrations of 3 percent or less. These products are usually water-based, instead of oil or alcohol.


The higher the concentration, the stronger the fragrance. This means you don’t need to apply as much to make an impact. For best longevity, you generally should apply a fragrance to parts of the body where thin skin and blood flow help to generate body heat. These are known as pulse points. You can dab parfum and EDP products on the wrists, the nape, and the neck. Products with lower concentrations can be sprayed on the wrists or exposed limbs.

Exploring the Levels
Most fragrances are made up of a blend of various accords that comprise their scents. Notes describe the three different levels that you perceive with a given fragrance:

Top- Also called head notes, these are the accords you immediately notice when you first apply a fragrance. These accords shape your initial perception and fade quickly.


Middle- As the top notes fade, the middle notes come forward. They form the main body of a perfume or cologne. Sometimes middle notes are also called heart notes, which is fitting since these accords are the ‘heart’ of the product.


Base- The base notes give a fragrance its depth. On their own, these notes may be thought of as unpleasant. Blended with other accords, they grow more delightful with longer wear.


Finding Your Fragrance
There’s no time like the present to get started buying fine fragrances from Carolina Herrera and other top brands. LaBelle Perfumes makes it easy to do at affordable prices.


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