10 Best Affordable, Cruelty-Free Perfumes to wear this Summer

Affordable, Cruelty-Free Perfumes

As animal-lovers, clean beauty is important to us. If like us you’re a fan of vegan, cruelty-free, and affordable perfumes then you’ve come to the right place.

One company that produces clean, sustainable, non toxic and environmentally-friendly perfumes is Dossier. The French brand has a selection of daring and alluring perfumes that will make you feel as good as you look. Standout products include Ambery Sage ($49) inspired by tom ford fucking fabulous perfume and Ambery Vanilla ($29) inspired by YSL’s Black Opium. Not only that all of their scents can be worn year-round, plus they’re all under $50 affordable.

Read on to discover some of our favorite products for you to consider this summer and shop them before they sell out.

Musky Aldehydes $39 Unisex

Musky Aldehydes
Inspired by Byredo’s Blanche, Musky Aldehydes smells like clean cotton and linen. Fresh peony, lily, rose, freesia, pink pepper, musk and sandalwood are some of the notes that pack a punch in this fragrance.

Woody Rum $39 Men

Woody Rum
Inspired by Kilian’s Straight to Heaven, Woody Rum has a bit of a vintage feel to it. It’s an evocative blend of rum, dry fruits, vanilla and nutmeg and is uniquely fresh and classic.

Sunny Vetiver & Neroli $29 Unisex

Sunny Vetiver & Neroli
You either love or you hate the Sunny Vetiver & Neroli, but one thing is for sure: it does leave an impression. This fragrance merges feminine notes of neroli and orange flowers with masculine smoky woodiness of Haitian vetiver, patchouli, and cedarwood, to remind you of that special someone.

Ambery Cedarwood $29 Women

Ambery Cedarwood
Fragrance doesn’t get sexier than the Ambery Cedarwood. It’s a fragrance that combines jasmine, with sharp woodsy notes, amber, to stimulate the senses in the most pleasurable manner.

Powdery Tobacco $39 Unisex

Powdery Tobacco

Powdery Tobacco is a fresh, wearable scent that you will find yourself reaching for constantly. Inspired by Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, it has Fruity and sweet honey facets of tobacco, ginger, vanilla, tonka bean, dry fruit and cacao.

Fiery Leather & Rhubarb $29 Unisex

Fiery Leather & Rhubarb
Vegan black leather, florals, and rhubarb blend together for a refreshing fragrance, making Fiery Leather & Rhubarb easy to wear everyday. It also instantly evokes memories of summer nights.

Floral Marshmallow $39 Women

Floral Marshmallow

Described as candy, sweet and seductive, the Floral Marshmallow is a distinct scent that works perfectly for layering. Inspired by Kilian’s Love, Don’t Be Shy it contains a combination of orange blossom and marshmallow, plus fresh notes of honeysuckle and neroli.

Aromatic Watermelon $19 Men

Aromatic Watermelon
Another outdoor fragrance that tops the list among our editors is the Aromatic Watermelon. Inspired by Ralph Lauren’s Polo Blue, it’s a fruity sun drenched fragrance with notes of water fruits, basil, and verbena.

Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut $29 Unisex

Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut

The fact that the Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut is constantly flying off the shelves is no surprise given it’s price tag. It’s classified as a blend of aromatic lavender and sweet hazelnut, that offers a hypnotizing effect.

Musky Rose $29 Women

Musky Rose

Inspired by Narciso Rodriguez’ For Her, Musky Rose has got everything you’d want from a scent. Rose, osmanthus flower, orange blossom, amber and wood perfectly combine to make it intimate and precisely balanced.

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